December 7th meeting: Using Git with MultiValue

It’s time again for our December meeting! Join us for a demonstration on how to use one of the most popular and flexible source control systems available on your MultiValue source code, including how to set up a cloud repository, different release methodologies, how to collaborate effectively, and more. Plus, it’s open source! If you want to follow along on your own laptop, you can find downloads at Having an MV database installed on the same system is not necessary.

The December meeting is our big blowout event, and there’s plenty more than just the presentation. Expect a delicious buffet-style dinner, and a bunch of door prizes – partly donated by our gracious board members, and partly provided by our kind sponsor for this meeting, Zumasys!

Zumasys Banner

October 19th meeting: Social Hour at the Eastside Bar & Grill

Hello folks! Our coffers are a bit thin at the moment, so the SAPUG board thought it would be a good opportunity to see what sort of response we get when we leave the vendor presentations out of the equation and just meet up for drinks and discussion.

This meeting is free, but you’re on your own for food this time. We’ll meet up at 5PM and go at least until 8PM. Bringing something you want to show off or a story to tell is encouraged, but not required. The official meeting location will be in the nook by the fireplace near the entrance to the restaurant, where we typically have social hour between the afternoon and evening sessions.

See you all there!

No August meeting – enjoy your summer!

Since this is the time of year that we have the most difficulty in coaxing everyone to stay in town and sit indoors for an entire evening, we traditionally either schedule a fun group activity or forego the meeting. We’ve been busy this year, so we’re just going to wait for the October meeting to kick things back into gear.

So go outside, have some fun, enjoy the warm weather (or hide from the heat), and we’ll see you later!

Rocket Python-a-thon, June 15th in SeaTac

This session, we are doing something a little different. Rocket has graciously offered to give us a crash-course on Python!

Python is one of the most popular new scripting languages, with a large following in the open-source community. There are many tools for developers avaliable for it, many new programmers who are well-versed in Python, and a huge library of utilities written in Python that are easy to use and add functionality to your system. If you want to make the most use of it though, you need to know how to use the language itself – which is where this session comes in. Join us and pick up a new programming language, or at least the basics of it!

This meeting will be at the SeaTac Community Center instead of our usual location, and we’re only asking for $10 to cover pizza for lunch.

Welcome to our new site!

We’ve at least made a cursory attempt to make our website a bit simpler to update – please bear with us as we continue to migrate all our old information to the new site.

We should be able to post upcoming meeting details much more easily, as well as allow the viewing of all the old meeting information.

Watch this space for more to come!

-Michael Martin
SAPUG President