Last meeting: Rocket Software, February 16, 2017

Rocket Software

Lawrence Schoenleber

Come and see what Rocket has been doing in the Multivalue development space, and talk about what their plans are for the future! As the largest company in the Multivalue market, Rocket has a lot of insight and clout. Here’s your chance to hear details from the source.

Afternoon Technical session: U2 High Availability/Disaster Recovery and D3 Hot Backup

3:00pm to 5:00pm

Learn about the value of U2 HA/DR and D3 Hot Backup for:

  • Shortening maintenance and upgrade windows
  • Improving performance by offloading the workload of data extracts, reporting, and business intelligence to other servers
  • Recovering from a fire or other disaster having a major effect on your data center
  • Improving regulatory and standards compliacne processes for audits
  • Making applications and data available to your employees and customers 24×7

SAPUG Evening session: U2 and D3 roadmap


See what is in store for the future of U2 and D3!

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